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Puppy & Kitten Care in Eugene, OR 97401

Puppy and kitten care is important to ensure a long and healthy life for your pet. At Willakenzie Animal Clinic, we recommend that all new puppy and kitten owners bring their pet in for a wellness exam around 8 weeks of age. This visit will give us a chance to assess your pet’s overall health and identify any potential health concerns. We will also provide you with important information on puppy & kitten care, including vaccinations, nutrition, and socialization. Puppies and kittens require a series of vaccinations to protect them from deadly diseases. We will work with you to create a vaccination schedule that is right for your pet. Puppies and kittens also need a well-balanced diet to support their growing bodies. We can recommend food that is nutritionally complete and tailored to your pet’s needs. Lastly, puppies and kittens need plenty of socialization to grow into confident, well-adjusted adults.